Do I Need Dental Implants Or Dentures?

At some point, stage in life or due some activities, a human being becomes very much susceptible to losing their teeth. When one loses their teeth, the aesthetic appeal is definitely interfered with. This is because the human teeth play a very important role in defining one’s beauty.

When you have lost your teeth due to one reason or the other, you probably want to refill the void space. The question that you need to answer before going for a replacement solution is, “do I need to do implant or to go for dentures?”

To know that which will work best for you, you need to distinguish between dentures and implants. Dentures are known to be those fake removable teeth that are placed on the jaws at a time of choice and removed at will.

implant-dentistryDentures are always either a full set of the teeth or just partial man made teeth that are then permanently fixed to a mold exactly resembling your gum. The dentures at times are embarrassing since they may fall down when you are either eating or having a talk with someone.

To avoid this, when you place the dentures in your jaw every morning, you need to attach it with a paste. Dentures mimics someone’s teeth bite but do not still allow you to bite some given foods.

On the other hand, dental implants are also false teeth which are permanently put on your jaws through surgery by specialized dentists. Unlike the dentures, implants have got a screw implant or a root that is placed in one’s jawbone.

On the screw, an abutment is attached and this is what holds on to the crown. A dental implant is a more preferred option because it behaves like, looks like and feels like a real tooth.

Some of the reasons why you need implants more than dentures include:

The dental implants are permanently fixed on to one’s jaw bone and will therefore keep you from embarrassments. Unlike dentures which will fall or slip while you are eating or talking, dental implants are permanent just like the normal natural teeth.

When you remove the dentures, a requirement every night, your facial appearance will automatically be interfered with; you won’t have that aesthetic appeal that you have been having during the day.

Unlike dental implants which are permanent, it is a requirement that dentures be removed and socked every single night.

Sacramento dental implants are as strong as your teeth thereby allowing you to eat any given type of food. This is the contrary with the dentures that limits you from eating very tough and hard foodstuffs. In addition, with dental implants, there is no loss of borne hence the jaw bone is encouraged to normally grow.