How A Dentist Fixes Missing Teeth?

When one has lost a tooth due to various circumstances, many people usually get worried what they should do. The good news is that there are a couple of processes that one can undergo in order to replace their missing teeth.

Most of them will all come under different prices and one will only need to choose which one of them is the best to go for. One people may go for the easiest option of leaving the gap empty. However, this one has been seen to bring very bad results which one may never want.

This is why as much as one may want to leave it empty, it is important for one to consider the consequences which may not be pleasing at all.

Drifting of teeth

Drifting is one of the problems that will come when a tooth is not fixed. This is a situation where those teeth that are adjacent will start to drift to the empty space and thus there will be gaps in the teeth. The gaps in the teeth will make one to have an appearance that may not be very good.

When one consults a dentist citrus heights, these people will have different methods of tackling the problem that one may have. This drifting is also known to cause various gum problems that when not treated early enough, will cause complications in the rest of the teeth.

Partial dentures

These are the kind of teeth that are temporary and are fabricated quite easily. This can be just one of the teeth that can be replaced and it can also be a number of them. When one has all their teeth missing, then the dentist will make replacement of the whole set of teeth.

The denture is the one that will hold the false teeth on a metal framework which is removable. These kind of tooth replacement are normally taken off so that one can have a thorough cleaning for the denture.


This is a replacement that normally makes use of the adjacent teeth in order to offer support to the teeth to be supported. The dentist normally require that these adjacent teeth to be healthy in order for them to be strong enough to offer support.

It is also a very efficient way if those adjacent teeth already require to be crowned due to other reasons. It is always advisable to seek the services of a qualified doctor who will be able to perform the procedure excellently.

Dental implants

These are among the latest inventions when it comes to missing tooth or teeth replacement. These kind of replacements usually has two major parts which is the implant and the crown. The implant is the anchor onto which the crown holds.