Everything You Should Know About A Dentist

Everything around you is categorized or in a category and just like the medical field such as being a doctor, has categories. You have a cardiologist, a pediatrician, psychiatrist, dermatologist etc….and the list goes on. Then you have dentist. Wait what is a dentist you ask? They are doctors that help keep up with your oral hygiene.

To put it in more simpler terms, they basically make sure your teeth are not jacked up. Is that better? Do you remember the times when your mom took you to a doctor appointment and they were poking all around in your mouth and it was the most scariest experience for you because you were confused or didn’t know exactly why they were poking in your mouth. Yep. That is why. It is their job to poke around in your mouth to make sure everything looks fine.

  • They diagnose anything that has to do with your teeth and gums
  • They clean your teeth.
  • They do fillings
  • They diagnose diseases
  • They treat cavities
  • They do implants
  • They extract teeth

But if you have a toothache? Call your mommy. (Just kidding, if you have a toothache you should still see your dentist because that might be a sign you have a cavity) Cavities suck.

Why do Dentists Exist?

That is a great question my friend. Oral hygiene is very important. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have clean teeth. We as human beings are social beings and we talk on the daily to our loved ones, friends, and family. Having an overall good hygiene not only is good for you but it makes you look more attractive and it makes you feel better. The first thing that people tend to look at when speaking with you is your eyes and your mouth. Most of the time, they want to see if you have a nice smile, not to be a pervert. At least I hope not.

Having dental care prevents you from having tooth decay or basically your teeth falling out and it prevents you from losing friends. No seriously, it prevents you from losing friends because the bacteria in your mouth are bullies and if you don’t have good oral hygiene, you will run a person off with your bad breath every time.

Your teeth are very important as you need them to be able to chew and digest your food. Chewing your food is the first stage of digestion and you cannot do this if your teeth are decayed or they are falling out because you don’t take very good care of them.

How often You Should Visit a Dentist?

Dentist are not put on this earth though to do the job for you. They just provide a service to help you or give you that extra boost.

You are still primarily responsible for taking care of your oral hygiene yourself. Typically dental visits are 6 months to 6 months. So say you will come in the month of January, your next appointment would be in June. So basically, twice a year. As I mentioned earlier they are not responsible for cleaning your teeth every weekend or everyday they are just there to guide you and monitor your oral hygiene basically as long as your insurance let’s you.

The Pros and Cons of Visiting a Dentist

The Pros:

You Will Have a Nice Smile

If you always been the type of person worried about your crooked smile, or not having a great smile, a Dentist will help you get one. You will have an increased self-esteem and a boost of confidence.

You Will Feel Better

Having yucky hygiene in general is a downer and having a clean mouth will make you feel good when it is taken care of. Your mouth will thank you.

Early Disease Detection

If you have diseases or dental issues like oral cancer for example, a regular visit will detect it early on and be able to treat it as soon as possible.

Stubborn Habits in Check

If you have a bad habit or there is something you don’t do enough such as maybe you brush your teeth but you don’t floss enough, getting a regular visit will help reinforce that so you will start picking up a good habit.

Keeping Your Teeth

Another great pro is keeping your teeth, because having no teeth is not fun and it is not all that attractive either. You won’t have to worry about tooth decay or anything on the path to losing your teeth. If you do lose teeth, it is because of your doing, but any professional Dentist that does the job right will prevent you from losing teeth.

Prevention of Bad breath

Remember how I mentioned earlier that having a good overall oral hygiene will prevent you from losing friends? That is were the prevention of bad breath comes in. Think about it, if you don’t regularly clean something and don’t keep up with hygiene, it is bound to produce an odor that will lead people to not want to talk to you as much. You won’t have to worry about having bad breath and scaring people away or a crush you are trying to impress.

The Cons


There is not that many cons about visiting a Dentist Hampton VA being that it is in your best interest in heart to visit one and it is very goo for you. However, there is some cons and pain is one of the. Sometimes all that poking around in your mouth from a dental appointment can cause irritation on your gums and they become reddened and swollen from these crafty tools that the dentist uses to work on your mouth. This is normal. It is just your gums and teeth trying to get use to someone else being in your mouth with some tool instead of you being in your own mouth with a regular old toothbrush. Some people have sensitive teeth as well so when the dentist puts that air suction thing in your mouth, for a brief moment you will feel a blast of cool air and your teeth will hurt because of the sensitivity.

The Cost

You will notice that dental care is very expensive, at least in the U.S. and you may wonder why? Why so much for just 1 tooth. People that train to become a dentist have to get a college degree and end up with thousands of dollars in debt and having to run a business with the proper tools and machines and the upkeep of them in order to provide great services for you!