The Difference Between A Dentist And Orthodontist

There has been quite some problem when it comes to distinguishing between a dentist and an orthodontist. One of the reasons why it is quite a problem for us to distinguish between the two is because both deal with teeth related concerns.

Dentists have also been quite popular throughout ages while orthodontists are just coming to the knowing of people. We do have some civilized environments that are not yet aware that there are some professionals called orthodontists. Contrary, only the most uncivilized forest communities are not aware of dentists.

The main difference between a dentist and an orthodontist comes about in relation to the aim of their duty. A Lisle IL dentist is more concerned about the health of their patient’s dentition.

orthodontist-patientHe deals with all the problems that will lead to dental sicknesses such as dental carries, dental cavities, gingivitis, and pyorrhoea among others. They will also treat these conditions once they have developed by doing cavity refilling, scaling and tooth removal among others. They do less regarding the cosmetic nature of the teeth and mouth as a whole.

On the contrary, orthodontists are more concerned with the cosmetic approach of your teeth to add an aesthetic value to your face. Although an orthodontist is in real sense a dentist, he is one that has specialized in the correction process of the jaws as well as the teeth.

This is something that they have extensively trained to undertake and they are sure to give you your desired results. Dentists at times do some of the corrective treatments, especially realigning the teeth. However, they will not do it with the efficiency and surety that the orthodontists do it with.

The most common distinction between the two professions is that the dentists are more concerned with the health issue but does some bits of correction problems. On the other hand, an orthodontist is more specialized to deal with cosmetic treatment thereby boosting one’s aesthetic appeal. However, some of these corrective measures improve the dental health.

General dentists cannot handle the orthodontics therapies with the experience that an orthodontist can. This is because the latter has done much more than the dentist in terms of studies and experience. An orthodontist first goes to study the complete dentistry course before further specializing in orthodontics.

The dentistry course takes an average of five years while an orthodontist first completes these five years then goes for an additional three complete years of study in orthodontics.

Before a dentist is accepted in an orthodontics college, they must be having some working experience in pediatric surgery, restorative surgery and maxillofacial surgery. Throughout the post graduate orthodontics course, the trainee would be involved in lectures, serious research, exclusive clinical practice in orthodontics and tutorials.