Cavities And How To Fix Them

Dental cavities are simple the holes that are always formed in the teeth. These cavities are always a resultant of the tooth decaying process which takes place over some period of time. Bacteria are very abundant in the mouths of every organism.

These bacteria are of different types and have different characteristics. The bacteria that are responsible for teeth decay process and cavity formation are very harmful to us. The good news is that the process of tooth decay can always be prevented, interrupted and even reversed.

When the bacteria feed on the food particles in your mouth, there is always some acid formation that starts corroding the enamel thereby forming a cavity or a hole. The teeth of mammals are majorly comprised of calcium carbonate, which is a base.

dental-painWhen there is formation of acids on the surfaces of the teeth, the calcium carbonate reacts with these acids to neutralize the effect. Through time, these reactions bring about the wearing out of the calcium deposits in the teeth hence formation of dental cavities.

Sugar and sugary foods are the most liked by bacteria. Whether natural, artificial or processed sugars, if they are in abundant in your mouth, you risk suffering from dental cavities.

Some of these foods include, candies, chocolates, cakes, soda, products with aspartame such as energy drinks, sweets, and breathe mints among others. You therefore need to ensure that you either reduce the intake of these products or you thoroughly clean your mouth after having an intake of the above.

Fixing the tooth cavity problem has got different approaches. The moist known is by the use of fluoride products. Fluorine is known to be able to prevent the teeth decaying process. If tooth decay is detected early enough, fluorine is able to reverse the process.

This mineral works by preventing the loss of minerals from your teeth as well as replacing the already lost minerals. It also reduces the acid formation ability of the bacteria.

You can therefore always deal with tooth decay problems by drinking fluoridated water that’s found in some communities and shopping centers. You should also always be brushing your teeth with fluoridated toothpastes.

There are instances when you may be following the above but the dentist still feels that you need more fluorine in your teeth. If that happens, you may be recommended to use a fluoridated mouth wash in addition to the fluoridated toothpaste and the fluoridated water.  Be sure to talk to your dentist about this.

Fluoride tablets may also be recommended as well as the application of fluoride gel and/or varnish on to the surface of your teeth.

Some home and naturally available products that will protect you from having cavities is charcoal and cloves. The former adsorbs the acids and most of the bacteria while the latter kills the bacteria.